Who Can Benefit from Our Services?

We treat a variety of patients looking to improve their health in all age groups and physical ability levels.

If you are experiencing pain that is not going away or continues to cause injuries after other treatments, we can help!

If you just don’t “feel right” after an illness or injury, we can help!

If you just want to optimize your health and reduce your chance of injury or illness, we can help!

What To Expect On Your First Visit

  • Allow 60-75 minutes for your first visit.
  • Intake forms are completed online prior to your visit. Dr. Bozovich will review these before you meet with her.
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time and bring your government issued ID and Insurance Card if using insurance.
  • Bring copies of any test results that are related to your visit so we can copy them and upload to your chart.

You will meet with Dr. Bozovich first so she can get a detailed health history and perform an examination to determine your diagnosis. During your exam, Dr. Bozovich will look at your posture, the way you move in certain positions, and perform necessary neurologic and/or orthopedic tests. We recommend that patients wear comfortable clothing.

Your first passive treatment is often performed once Dr. Bozovich has completed her exam. She will go over what she believes to be the problem and explain any treatment she will order for that day. She will answer any questions you may have as well. It is common that she will prescribe an easy movement pattern or exercise for you to start at home to perform between visits. After your treatment, Dr. Bozovich will create a treatment plan that she will go over with you, print out and give to you at your next visit. The second visit also allows time for any questions you may have thought of after your initial visit.

Insurances We Accept

Our office will verify your insurance benefits after your first visit. On your second visit, we will go over your benefits and answer any questions or concerns. Our office will do everything it can to make the insurance process easy for you.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact our office.

We Accept Most Major Insurance Carriers

Insurance companies currently in network:
  • UMR
  • & MORE Please call for confirmation

Meet our Team

Dr. Tiffany Bozovich

Dr. Tiffany Bozovich is a lifelong resident of Chesterton, IN. After sustaining multiple knee injuries in her teens, she became interested in conservative ways of healing the body from injuries. She realized that she found her calling in conservative health care. She had always had a keen curiosity and interest in human anatomy, muscles and injury healing. Once she graduated from Denison University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, she began her journey into Chiropractic at National University of Health Sciences where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy and Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Whether it’s adult athletes, teens, children, or the elderly, Dr. Bozovich is passionate about helping them achieve better mobility and physical freedom.



Monica has been a Massage Therapist since 2001. She keeps the office running both during office hours and behind the scenes. She is Dr. Bozovich’s right hand woman and helps to bridge any gaps during a patient’s visit. She notifies Dr. Bozovich of any changes in the patient’s condition and helps answer questions.

When not in the office, you will find Monica loving on her five children or at the Lakeshore sticking her toes in the sand and chasing sunsets. One of her favorite sayings is, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Anyone who meets Monica can attest to the fact that she lives by this motto.

Melissa Coulter

Melissa joined Bozovich Wellness in 2021 and quickly became an essential part of our team. She is our “Patient Liaison”, the first face you see when you walk in our office, and the voice on the other end of the phone when you call. She will help guide you through our online system and help with any questions you may have about your insurance benefits, cost of treatment, or scheduling. Her main job is to make sure you are informed and comfortable as our patient.

Melissa moved to the Chesterton area in 2008 from Ohio for her husband’s job. She has fallen in love with her “new” home and can be found exploring all of the local farmer’s markets and small shops around town. She loves spending her free time with her husband, John and their high energy pup, Neo.


Probably our most popular member at Bozovich Wellness, is Savannah. Born in 2021, she is a very laid back, sweet Shih Tzu. Savannah proved to be a much needed furry friend here at our office during a time when there was much uncertainty and stress for most of our patients. When she joined Dr. Bozovich’s family in the fall of 2021, she accompanied Dr.Bozovich to the office and we quickly found the simple joy and comfort she provided for many of our patients. As she continues to provide an additional “therapy” for our patients, she has earned her place here on the Bozovich Wellness Team.

Whether here at the office or in her free time, Savannah enjoys belly rubs, cuddling, and chasing tiny tennis balls down a hallway.

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